BICA Society Membership

Electronic Payment Instructions

To renew your membership online, first you need to open the URL "" in your browser. Then click on the first link, which says: "make all electronic payments here". This takes you to the BICA Society shopping cart powered by Cartmanager. Here you select the category that you need on the left. In our case, this is "BICA Society Membership". Click on it. On the next screen, please read the message posted above the payment options. Then select the Membership type that you need. To qualify for an electronic subscription to the BICA Journal, you need to select the first option: "Full (Regular) Membership 2015-2016". Click on the image. On the next screen you need to click "Add To Cart". Please note that the fields "Username" and "Password” can be left blank. As to the field "Quantity", it also can be left blank, or you can type "1" in it. Then click on the button "Add To Cart". On the next screen you need to click on "Check Out", after verifying that the information above is correct. In this example, one Full Membership for 2015-2016 should be selected, and the total should be $50 dollars. If all this is correct, click on "Check Out". On the next screen you need to enter your billing information. Required fields are marked by asterisks. Enter your name, your street address, city, state, and your email address. Then check the box below to make sure that entered values are copied to the right column. Please note again that the fields Username and Password can be left blank. Then you click on the gray button at the bottom: "Continue With Purchase". Finally, you will need to enter your credit card number, the verification number, and the expiration date. This information is never stored, and is never received by the BICA Society. Now, in the field "Special Order Instructions", indicate that you need an electronic subscription to the BICA Journal. Most Universities subscribe to all Elsevier journals, therefore you may not need an additional subscription. To let us know that you need it, please indicate. Finally, please verify all information, including the Total, before you click on "Submit Order”: payments are not refundable. Again, please note that the fields Username and Password can be left blank. If you like, you can create an account in Cartmanager with a login and a password, but this is not necessary, and does not help. Also, this has nothing to do with membership in the BICA Society. After you click on Submit Order, your credit card will be charged. Thank you for your support of the BICA Society.

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