Don Perlis

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent BICA meeting in Lyon.
I had no particular expectations beforehand, and would not have been surprised if I found it an uninspiring hodgepodge. But to my delight, it was very exciting, a wonderful mix of neuro and computational, with people of a far higher caliber than I anticipated. All this kept me not only interested but on my toes and challenged! Just what a conference should be.
On top of that, Lyon was a wonderful choice of venue, as were the boat-cruise dinner and the reception the evening before.
Thanks for doing such a terrific job!
Donald Perlis, Professor U of MD, Comp Sci Dept A. V. Williams Bldg 8223 Paint Branch Drive College Park MD 20742

Alexei Samsonovich

To me, this was the greatest BICA ever. Many thanks to Olivier Georgeon and Amelie Cordier for making it happen!
Hopefully videos are coming soon,