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2015 Annual International Conference on

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Sixth Annual Meeting of the BICA Society

November 6-8, Lyon, France. Main web site of BICA 2015:
Points of Contact: Olivier Georgeon , Alexei Samsonovich, and Amelie Cordier

BICA 2015 was a great success!

Videos of plenary talks are here!

To post your comments, feelings, and ideas, please email them to Alexei after following this link.

Submission is closed. All inquiries should be emailed to Olivier Georgeon and/or Alexei Samsonovich.

Top-left to bottom-right: Antonio Chella, Lyon folks, Alexei Samsonovich, Peter Gärdenfors, Christian Lebiere, Sweitze Roffel, Junichi Takeno

Click here to go to the main BICA 2015 web site:

Regardless of whether you already are invited — or just interested in participating, we are asking you to please submit a tentative title of your talk (this would suffice for a start) via EasyChair at

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