2014 Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA 2014)
Fifth Annual Meeting of the BICA Society
November 7-9 (Friday-Sunday): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,MA 02139, USA (http://bicasociety.org/meetings/2014).
Sponsors: The BICA Society; The MIT; Elsevier B.V.; DOLLabs, Inc. Points of contact: Paul Robertson (
paulr@dollabs.com) and Alexei Samsonovich (alexei@bicasociety.org)

Symposia Planned as Part of BICA 2014

Symposium Title: "Modeling the Mechanisms of Cognition-Emotion Interactions"

Chair / Organizer: Eva Hudlicka (University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Psychometrix, hudlicka@cs.umass.edu)
Symposium web page: https://people.cs.umass.edu/~hudlicka/BICA-2014-cog-em.html

Symposium Title: "Building an Accurate Person-Specific Brain Connectivity Map for Patient Diagnosis and Treatment and Reverse-Engineering of Brain Function"

Chair / Organizer: Walt Schneider (University of Pittsburgh: wws@pitt.edu)
Symposium web page: TBA

Symposium Title: "Reservoir Computing and its Applications to Cognitive Signal Processing"

Chair / Organizer: Peter Petre (HRL: PPetre@hrl.com).
Symposium web page: TBA

Symposium Title: "Toward Self-Conscious Robotics"

Chairs / Organizers: Riccardo Manzotti, Peter Boltuc, and Antonio Chella
(selected papers will be published in IJMC)
Symposium web page: http://www.consciousness.it/BICA2014_RSC.htm

Symposium Title: "Neural-Symbolic Networks for Cognitive Capacities"

Chairs / Organizers: Tarek R. Besold and Terrence C. Stewart
Symposium web page: https://sites.google.com/site/bica2014nsncc/

Symposium Title: "Biomorphic Circuits and Systems with Threshold Logic" (BioTL)

Chairs / Organizer: Alex P. James (Enview R&D Labs LLP and Nazarbayev University)
Symposium web page: http://biomicrosystems.info/biotl2014/

Other Events Planned as Part of BICA 2014

Early Career Researcher Track (ECRT)

Chairs / Organizers: Sweitze Roffel (Elsevier) and Alexei Samsonovich (GMU)
Event web page: http://bicasociety.org/meetings/2014/ecrt/

Please email your proposals for additional BICA 2014 symposia to Alexei Samsonovich and/or Paul Robertson.

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