2014 Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA 2014)
Fifth Annual Meeting of the BICA Society
November 7-9 (Friday-Sunday): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,MA 02139, USA (http://bicasociety.org/meetings/2014).
Sponsors: The BICA Society; The MIT; Elsevier B.V.; DOLLabs, Inc. Points of contact: Paul Robertson (
paulr@dollabs.com) and Alexei Samsonovich (alexei@bicasociety.org)

BICA 2014 Program

This version of the program is now close to the final version; however, changes are still possible: please watch for updates (you may need to refresh the page in your browser to see the updated content). In the table below, the program number is shown to the left of each name. The table is NOT text-searchable. Please access the numbered List of Talks, in which each presenter name is marked with an asterisk. All accepted talks are listed there. Asterisks in the program table below, however, indicate proposed Symposia/Session/Panel chairs. You also may want to access the abridged Abstracts. In addition to giving a talk, each participant is encouraged to present a poster (plus give a 2-min summary of it on Sunday at 3:35 pm), give a 5-min MIIM talk, and participate in discussion panels. Any requests and necessary changes to the program should be sent to Alexei Samsonovich at samsonovich@cox.net; however, the complete Program Brochure is currently in print.

In the table, the program number is shown to the left of each name. Access the numbered List of Talks and Abstracts.

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