2014 Annual International Conference on

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Fifth Annual Meeting of the BICA Society

November 7-9 (Friday-Sunday): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States

Points of Contact: Paul Robertson and Alexei Samsonovich

Sponsored by: The BICA Society; The MIT CSAIL; Elsevier B.V.; DOLLabs, Inc.


Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) are computational frameworks for building intelligent agents that are inspired from biological intelligence. Biological intelligent systems, notably animals such as humans, have many qualities that are often lacking in artificially designed qsystems including robustness, flexibility and adaptability to environments. At a point in time where visibility into naturally intelligent systems is exploding thanks to modern brain imaging and recording techniques allowing us to map brain structures and functions, our ability to learn lessons from nature and to build biologically inspired intelligent systems has never been greater. At the same time, the growth in computer science and technology has unleashed enough computational power at sufficiently low prices, so that an explosion of intelligent applications from driverless vehicles to augmented reality, to ubiquitous robots, is now almost certain. The emerging on these grounds challenge of computational replication of all essential aspects of the human mind (the BICA Challenge) is interdisciplinary in nature and promises to yield bi-directional flow of understanding between all involved disciplines.

Core Organizing Committee:

Paul Robertson (DOLL, Inc.): General Chair
Patrick H. Winston (CSAIL/MIT): Co-Chair
Howard Shrobe (CSAIL/MIT): Co-Chair
Alexei Samsonovich (GMU): Co-Chair, PC Chair

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