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Videorecords of BICA 2011

4th Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, Second Annual Meeting of the BICA Society

Arlington, Virginia, USA, November 4-6, 2011

© 2011 BICA Society

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PS1: Opening Keynotes (chair: Salvatore Gaglio)

- Introduction (Alexei Samsonovich)

- Murray Shanahan (keynote)

Paper/Abstract: Murrayp Shanahan. Serial from Parallel, Unity from Multiplicity: What Emerges from Global Workspace Architecture

- Antonio Chella (keynote)

Paper/Abstract: Antonio Chella and Riccardo Manzotti. Towards Externalist Robotics

CS1: Physically & Virtually Embodied Learning BICA (chair: Christian Lebiere)

- Jeff Krichmar (invited)

Paper/Abstract: Jeffrey Krichmar and Hiroaki Wagatsuma. Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Robots

- Brandon Rohrer

Paper/Abstract: Brandon Rohrer. Biologically Inspired Feature Creation for Multi-Sensory Perception

- Alan Diamond

Paper/Abstract: Alan Diamond, Owen Holland and Hugo Gravato Marques. The Role of the Predicted Present in Artificial and Natural Cognitive Systems

- Kyohei Kushiro

Paper/Abstract: Kyohei Kushiro and Junichi Takeno. Development of a Robot that Cognizes and Learns Unknown Events

CS2: Episodic Memory and Hippocampus-Inspired Learning (chair: Christian Lebiere)

- Craig Vineyard

Paper/Abstract: Craig M. Vineyard, Stephen J. Verzi, Michael L. Bernard, and Thomasp Caudell. A Multimodal Hypertensor Architecture for Association Formation

[ slides available ]

- Ben Walker & Dustin Dalen

Paper/Abstract: Benjamin Walker, Dustin Dalen, Zachary Faltersack, and Andrew Nuxoll. Extracting Episodic Memory Feature Relevance Without Domain Knowledge

- Andrew Coward

Paper/Abstract: Andrew Coward and Tom Gedeon. Architectures of Complex Learning Systems

- Ben Goertzel

Paper/Abstract: Ben Goertzel, Joel Pittb, Zhenhua Caib, Jared Wigmoreb, Deheng Huangb, Nil Geisweillera, Ruiting Lianb, and Gino Yub. Integrative General Intelligence for Controlling Game AI in a Minecraft-Like Environment

CS3: ‘B’ in BICA (chair: Marco Ortolani)

- Owen Holland

Paper/Abstract: Owen Holland, Alan Diamond, Bhargav Mitra and David Devereux. The What, Why and How of the BI in BICA

- Chris Connolly

Paper/Abstract: Chris Connolly, Richard Rohwer and Zhiqiang Wang. From Biology to Inspiration and Back: Is the Pallidal Complex a Reservoir?

- Ion Juvina

Paper/Abstract: Ion Juvina, James A. Grange, and Christian Lebiere. From Repetition Suppression in Stroop to Backward Inhibition in Task Switching: An Example of Model Reusability

- Gabriele Modena

Paper/Abstract: Jan Treur. Physiological Model-Based Decision Making on Distribution of Effort over Time

CS4: Social Cognition, Emotions & the Self in BICA (chair: Ion Juvina)

- Rosario Sorbello 1

Paper/Abstract: Giuseppe Balistreri, Rosario Sorbello and Antonio Chella. A Natural Human Robot Meta-Comunication through the Integration of Android’s Sensors With Environment Embedded Sensors

- Charles Peck

Paper/Abstract: Charles C. Peck and James Kozloski. The Computational Basis of Emotions and Implications for Cognitive Architectures

[ slides available ]

- HyunRyong Jung

Paper/Abstract: Hyunryong Jung, Arjun Menon and Ronald C. Arkin. A Conceptual Space Architecture for Widely Heterogeneous Robotic Systems

- Rosario Sorbello 2

Paper/Abstract: Antonio Chella, Rosario Sorbello, Giovanni Pilato, Giuseppe Balistreri, Salvatore Maria Anzalone, and Marcello Giardina. An Innovative Mobile Phone Based System for Humanoid Robot Expressing Emotions and Personality

- Michael Sellers

Title: Emotions in AI: Starting a Deeper Discussion

- Emotional Panel

CS5: Social Learning and Language Acquisition (chair: Giuseppe Lo Re)

- Nicole Pennington

Paper/Abstract: Nicole Pennington, Benjamin Goodrich and Itamar Arel. Contrasting Infant Perception Data with a Reinforcement Learning Visual Search Model

- Mary Freiman

Paper/Abstract: Mary D. Freiman and Jerry T. Ball. Automatic Verb Valency Pattern Recognition

[ slides available ]

- Brian Harrington

Paper/Abstract: Brian Harrington. ASKNet: Leveraging Bio-Cognitive Models in Natural Language Processing

[ slides available ]

- Josefina Sierra

Paper/Abstract: Josefina Sierra-Santibáñez. First Order Logic Concepts in Fluid Construction Grammar

[ slides available ]

- Leonid Perlowsky

Paper/Abstract: Leonid I. Perlovsky and R. Ilin. Neurally and Mathematically Motivated Architecture for Language and Cognition

[ slides available ]

CS6: Emotions in BICA, in Humans and in Artifacts (chair: Charles Peck)

- Gabriele Modena

Paper/Abstract: Jan Treur. A Computational Agent Model Using Internal Simulation to Generate Emotional Dream Episodes

- Ricardo Sanz

Paper/Abstract: Ricardo Sanz and Guadalupe Sanchez. A Model of Emotion as Patterned Metacontrol

- Rony Novianto

Paper/Abstract: Rony Novianto and Mary-Anne Williams. Innate and Learned Emotion Network

[ slides available ]

- Ignazio Infantino

Paper/Abstract: Salvatore Gaglio, Ignazio Infantino, Giovanni Pilato, Riccardo Rizzo and Filippo Vella. Vision and Emotional Flow in a Cognitive Architecture for Human-Machine Interaction

- Mark Finlayson

Paper/Abstract: Mark A. Finlayson and Patrick H. Winston. Narrative is a Key Cognitive Competency

- Minipanel (CS6)

CS7: BICA Models of Neurological & Cognitive Dysfunction (chair: Christine Lisetti)

- Ian Horswill

Paper/Abstract: Ian Horswill and Christine Lisetti. On the Simulation of Human Frailty

[ slides available ]

- Azizi Bin Ab Aziz

Paper/Abstract: Azizi Ab Aziz and Michel C. A. Klein. Computational Modeling of Therapies Related to Cognitive Vulnerability and Coping

- Sebastien Naze

Paper/Abstract: Sebastien Naze and Jan Treur. A Computational Agent Model for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

- Roseli Wedemann

Paper/Abstract: Roseli S. Wedemann, Luís Alfredo Vidal De Carvalho and Raul Donangelo. Access to Symbolization and Associativity Mechanisms in a Model of Conscious and Unconscious Processes

CS8: Machine Learning Approaches in BICA (chair: David Israel)

- Terry Stewart

Paper/Abstract: Terry C. Stewart and Chris Eliasmith. Neural Planning and Reasoning Using the Synaptic Connections of the Basal Ganglia and Thalamus

- Javier Snaider

Paper/Abstract: Javier Snaider and Stan Franklin. Extended Sparse Distributed Memory

- Tsvi Achler

Paper/Abstract: Tsvi Achler and Luis M. A. Bettencourt. Evaluating the Contribution of Top-Down Feedback and Post-Learning Reconstruction

CS9: Sensemaking from Biological Inspirations (chair: Christian Lebiere)

- Paul Kogut

Paper/Abstract: Paul Kogut, June Gordon, David Morgenthaler, John Hummel, Edward Monroe, Ben Goertzel, Ethan Trewhitt and Elizabeth Whitaker. Recognizing Geospatial Patterns with Biologically-Inspired Relational Reasoning

- Matthew Rutledge-Taylor

Paper/Abstract: Matthew F. Rutledge-Taylor, Christian Lebiere, Yury Vinokurov, James Staszewski, and John R. Anderson. Bridging the Gap: A Neurally Plausible Functional Model of Sensemaking

- Harold Klein

Paper/Abstract: Harold Klein. SPIRE – A BICA-Emulated Strategic Decision Support System
SPIRE: A BICA-emulated strategic decision support system

[ slides available ]

BG1-BG6: Breakout Brainstorming Groups

- Embodied (leader: Ben Goertzel)

- Practical (leader: Itamar Arel)

- Fundings (leader: Frank Ritter)

This video clip is deleted on request of Frank Ritter.

- Episodic (leader: Christian Lebiere)

- Metalearning (leader: Chris Poulin)

- Emotional (leader: Michael Sellers)

PS2: Roadmap to Human-Level AI (chair: Chris Poulin)

- Ennio Mingolla (invited)

Paper/Abstract: Ennio Mingolla. The emerging encounter of neuroscience and robotics

- Breakout Summaries

(Ben Goertzel, Itamar Arel, Terry Stewart, Chris Poulin, Michael Sellers, Junichi Takeno, Antonio Chella)

- Roadmap Panel

- BICA Society Panel

PS3: System Approach to the BICA Challenge (chair: Antonio Chella)

- Konstantin Anokhin (keynote)

Paper/Abstract: Konstantin Anokhin. Towards Cognitively Informed Models of Memory Storage, Retrieval and Processing in the Nervous System

[ slides available ]

- Witali Dunin-Barkowski (invited)

Paper/Abstract: Witali L. Dunin-Barkowski. Data Formats in Multineuronal Systems and Brain Reverse Engineering

- Keith Downing (keynote)

Paper/Abstract: Keith L. Downing. Evolving Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence

CS10: Intelligent Tutoring & Assistance in Learning (chair: Rosario Sorbello)

- Mihai Boicu

Paper/Abstract: Mihai Boicu. Rapid Prototyping of a Cognitive System for Pediatric Telephone Triage Tutoring

[ slides available ]

- Gautam Biswas (invited)

Title: Promoting the Use of Metacognitive Strategies in a Learning by Teaching Environment

[ slides available ]

CS11: Imagery and Metacognition in BICA (chair: Marco Ortolani)

- Marco Ortolani

Paper/Abstract: Salvatore Gaglio, Giuseppe Lo Re, and Marco Ortolani. Cognitive Meta-Learning of Syntactically Inferred Concepts

- Paul Rosenbloom 1

Paper/Abstract: Paul Rosenbloom. Mental Imagery in a Graphical Cognitive Architecture

- Paul Rosenbloom 2

Paper/Abstract: Junda Chen, Abram Demski, Teawon Han, Louis-Philippe Morency, David Pynadath, Nicole Rafidi and Paul Rosenbloom. Fusing Symbolic and Decision-Theoretic Problem Solving + Perception in a Graphical Cognitive Architecture

- Eugene Surowitz

Paper/Abstract: Eugene J. Surowitz. Analytic General Intelligence: Constructing Space+Time for the Lowen Model

[ slides available ]

- Metacognition Panel

CS12: Bridging the Gap between Natural and Artificial Intelligence (chair: Scott Fahlman)

- Paul Robertson

Paper/Abstract: Paul Robertson and Robert Laddaga. Learning to Find Structure in a Complex World

- Itamar Arel

Paper/Abstract: Thomasp Karnowski, Itamar Arel, and Steven Young. Modeling Temporal Dynamics with Function Approximation in Deep Spatio-Temporal Inference Network

- Scott Fahlman (invited)

Paper/Abstract: Scott E. Fahlman. Parallel and Serial Components in Human-Like Intelligence

[ slides available ]

- Chris Long

Paper/Abstract: Art Pope, Chris Long, and Diane Bramsen. Physics-Based Simulation in the CASTLE Environment

- Vladislav D. Veksler

Paper/Abstract: Vladislav D. Veksler. Second life foraging: An Ecologically-Inspired Task to Drive Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures

[ slides available ]

CS13: Machine Consciousness and Human-Like BICA (chair: Roseli Wedemann)

- Riccardo Manzotti

Paper/Abstract: Riccardo Manzotti, Luca Papi, Cristina Amoretti and Soo-Young Lee. Does Radical Externalism Suggest How to Implement Machine Consciousness?

- Junichi Takeno

Paper/Abstract: Junichi Takeno. MoNAD Structure and the Self-Awareness

- Kazuki Katayama

Paper/Abstract: Kazuki Katayama and Junichi Takeno. Conscious Expectation System

- Mark Waser

Paper/Abstract: Mark Waser. Architectural Requirements & Implications of Consciousness, Self, and "Free Will"

[ slides available ]

- Bill Kennedy

Paper/Abstract: William G. Kennedy. The Roots of Trust: Cognition Beyond Rational

CS14: Scalable Growth, Evolution and Design of BICA (chair: Tsvi Achler)

- James Peterson

Paper/Abstract: James K. Peterson. Small Brain Model Architectures

[ slides available ]

- David Stracuzzi

Paper/Abstract: David Stracuzzi. A Plausible Logic Inference Engine

[ slides available ]

- Muneo Kitajima

Paper/Abstract: Muneo Kitajima and Makoto Toyota. Four Processing Modes of In Situ Human Behavior

[ slides available ]

- Minipanel (CS14)

CS15: Neuromorphism in BICA (chair: Jared Sylvester)

- Derek Monner

Paper/Abstract: Derek Monner and James A. Reggia. Towards a Biologically Inspired Question-Answering Neural Architecture

- Jared Sylvester

Paper/Abstract: Jared C. Sylvester, James A. Reggia and Scott Weems. Cognitive Control as a Gated Cortical Net

- Mark Reimers

Paper/Abstract: Mark Reimers. Genetic Construction of a Heterogeneous Network Controlling a Simple Simulated Autonomous Robot with Learning

- Fred Rothganger

Paper/Abstract: Fredrick Rothganger, Christina Warrender, Ann Speed, Brandon Rohrer, Asmeret Bier, and Derek Trumbo. Connecting Cognitive and Neural Models

[ slides available ]

PS4: Closing Session (chair: Mary Freiman)

- Poster Reviews and Session Summaries

(Tsvi Achler, Vladislav Veksler, Michael Sellers, Charles Peck, Andrew Coward, Antonio Chella)

- David Vernon (invited)

Paper/Abstract: David Vernon. Reconciling Autonomy with Utility: A Roadmap and Architecture for Cognitive Development

- VideoPanels Review: Alexei Samsonovich

Paper/Abstract: Michael Q. Kalish and Alexei V. Samsonovich. VideoPanels Review: From Goal Understanding to Metacognition


- Credits

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