Future VideoPanels

Please register in advance. Participation is free. Points of contact are Alexei Samsonovich, David Noelle and Kamilla Jóhannsdóttir

VideoPanels Session

  • Tentative Date and Time: TBA
  • Discussion Leaders: TBA
  • Expected Panelists (alphabetically): TBA
  • Audience:
  • Host & Moderator: TBA
  • Topic: TBA

IInstructions for Panelists

I am assuming that all participants of the Videopanel will have Skype 5 on their computer with a camera and a microphone, and a broadband Internet connection, and will try to reduce any unrelated background noise (e.g. typing your grant proposal on the keyboard). You will need to email me your Skype ID under which you will participate. You also need to add bica.society to your list of contacts in advance. At some point during the session I will start recording (you will be notified). However, the record will not be made publicly available without your consent. You will need to sign the Video Release Form and email it to me or fax it to 1-877-532-0197. It is better to do this in advance, but if you prefer, you will have a chance to preview and approve the video afterwards. I am asking all those prospective panelists who do not wish to be videorecorded for public release in the first place: DO NOT PARTICIPATE.


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