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Introducing VideoPanels: a purely virtual seminar implemented as a multipoint videoconference (not a webinar). It is not a social event or entertainment. It is a professional working session aimed at finding, clarifying and disseminating scientific truth that may be vital for our society.

With this general objective in mind, VideoPanels start as a virtual extension of BICA 2011. Specific objective is to clarify the final goal for research in the field of human-inspired artificial intelligence (BICA Challenge) and to develop a roadmap toward this goal that would hopefully lead us to a big breakthrough, changing the way we think about intelligent artifacts.

There are two formats of VideoPanels: panel discussions and paper presentations. VideoPanels were awarded participation in the AAAI Video Competition (http://www.aivideo.org/)

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Other options of viewing: download [ VideoPanelsTrailer.mov.zip ] or go to YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxCjzv1l4Js] Tip: start, switch to 720p and blow to full screen

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