MAPPED Repository:

Comparative Database of Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures


[ this work is currently in progress ]

Dialogues among research groups and schools of thought have been initiated and facilitated by the BICA Society and are archived in the repository in various forms, documenting peer-to-peer interactions among developer groups who disagree on terminology, interpretation of results, values and priorities for research, or are missing facts and knowledge that they want to learn from each other. Forms of dialogues include teleconferences, Wiki pages, webinars and Videopanels, discussion boards and workshops.


Videopanels are ongoing open-ended discussion panels conducted in the format of a multipoint videoconference, mainly via Skype, with public archiving. Started in 2011 as an extension of the BICA conference series. Chaired by Alexei Samsonovich (please contact if interested in participating or hosting your session).

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