Washington, D.C. - 2009, November 5 - 7

AAAI 2009 Fall Symposium Series

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2009

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The challenge of designing a human-level learner is central to creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind. It demands the level of robustness and flexibility of learning that today is available in biological systems only. Therefore, it is essential that we better understand at a computational level how biological systems naturally develop their cognitive and learning functions. In recent years, biologically inspired cognitive architectures (BICA) have emerged as a powerful new approach toward gaining this kind of understanding. The impressive success of BICA-2008 was clear evidence of this trend. As the second event in the series, BICA-2009 continues our attack on the challenge, with the overall atmosphere of excitement and potential, brainstorming and collaboration.



¨  Bridging the gap between AI and biology: robustness, flexibility, integrity

¨  BICA models of learning: bootstrapped, self-regulated (SRL), meta-learning

¨  Scalability, limitations and ‘critical mass’ of human-like learning

¨  Biological constraints vital for learning

¨  Physical support of conscious experience

¨  Formal theory of cognitive architectures

¨  Emotional feelings and values in artifacts

¨  Measuring minds of machines and humans



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Important Dates

¨  November 4-7, 2009: AAAI 2009 FSS (including BICA-II) in Arlington, VA

¨  December 2, 2009:  Symposium report for AI Magazine due

¨  March 6, 2010:  Submission deadline for the special issue of International Journal of Machine Consciousness devoted to BICA & MC (see below)

¨  September, 2010:  Final proofs due to World Scientific


Call for papers for the special issue of IJMC on BICA & MC guest-edited by Alexei Samsonovich is available at http://members.cox.net/bica2009/ijmc/. All BICA-I/II/III participants are welcome to submit papers to samsonovich@cox.net