BICA Society Electronic Store

Here you can view and select promotional items and video materials. However, it is recommended that for all payments and purchases you go directly to the Shopping Cart and make your selections there. Instructions that you may need for using the shopping cart are available here. If you have questions or require shipment overseas, please contact us.

Promotional Items

BICA Society tote
$5 + S&H, in stock


BICA Convention shirt
$20 + S&H, in stock (need to specify gender and size, not all choices may be available)


BICA Conferences on DVDs

BICA 2010: The set of 8 discs DVD-R in NTSC format containing ~20 hours of video, plus a promotional disc
$10 + S&H for the set of 9 DVDs, in stock


BICA 2011: The set of 3 discs DVD+R DL in NTSC format containing ~25 hours of video, plus a data disc (will be released soon)



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