BICA 2011 Pre-Conference Workshop Presentation Titles

For the approximate tentative timing of talks, see schedule at-a-glance, left column. In the following list, presentations are sorted alphabetically by the presenter last name.
  • Tsvi Achler. TBA (biology and scalability)
  • Itamar Arel. Framing Scalable Visual Attention as a Reinforcement Learning Problem.
  • Jim Eilbert. Familiar Spaces and Situation Awareness.
  • Muneo Kitajima. T-K Brain Model -- Foundation of the Four Processing Modes of in situ Human Behavior (introduction of
  • Harold E. Klein. Envisioning Complex Decision Making in Chaotic Environments. Abstract: I would focus on the difficulties in addressing, say, the War on Terror and facilitating Petraeus' Counterinsurgency protocol. Visualizations employing BICA analogs would play a prominent role here.
  • James K. Peterson. Erlang, Clojure and Scale, Oh My!
  • Brandon Rohrer. Recent results with BECCA,? A cognitive architecture for learning in robots
  • Javier Snaider. Introduction to the LIDA Framework.
  • John F. Sowa. Relating Neuroscience to Psycholinguistics.
  • Mohamad Tarifi. A clear path towards Artificial General Intelligence.
  • Mark Waser. Quantifying Eudaimonia for Motivational and Social Systems.

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