Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

Second Annual Meeting of the BICA Society

November 5-6 (Saturday-Sunday), preconference workshop and reception on November 4th

The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind calls for our joint efforts to better understand at a computational level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning functions. In recent years, BICA conference grew up from a AAAI Fall symposium (, to a mid-size international conference (, that focuses on the emergent hot topics in computer, brain and cognitive sciences unified by the challenge of replicating the human mind in a computer.

The focus of BICA 2011 includes (see also Topics): BICA models of robust learning mechanisms; models of perception, cognition and action; emotional and social intelligence in artifacts; vital constraints informed by neuroscience; human-like episodic and semantic memory; metacognition, human-like self-regulated learning, bootstrapped and meta-learning; language acquisition and symbol grounding; the “critical mass” for cognitive growth in a learning environment, scalability of learning; the roadmap to solving the challenge.

A Special Note to AAAI Fall Symposia Participants

All registered participants of the 2011 AAAI Fall Symposia are cordially invited to our reception (November 4th at 7pm in Holiday Inn, Arlington Ballroom). The two events (AAAI FSS at Westin Arlington Gateway and BICA 2011 at Holiday Inn) are next to each other in space and time. It takes only 5 minutes to walk from one location to another. All BICA 2011 participants will be walking to the location of AAAI FSS for lunch on November 5-6 and for the banquet on November 5, not to mention that we hope that many of our participants will be also attending the AAAI Symposia:

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