First International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

(First Annual Meeting of the BICA Society)



The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind requires that we better understand at a computational level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning functions... The narrow focus of BICA 2010 on this challenge brings together four schools of thought: (1) computational neuroscience, that tries to understand how the brain works in terms of connectionist models; (2) cognitive modeling, pursuing higher-level computational description of human cognition; (3) human-level artificial intelligence, aiming at generally intelligent artifacts that can replace humans at work; and (4) human-like learners: artificial minds that can be understood by humans intuitively, that can learn like humans, from humans and for human needs. The mission of BICA 2010 is to provide a forum for a joined discussion of the four schools unified by one overarching goal.



Important dates:

August 18 Paper acceptance notification Accepted papers will be published in the BICA 2010 Proceedings  by IOS Press, FAIA Series
August 27 Short abstract submission deadline Short (~150 words) abstracts will be published in the BICA 2010 Proceedings  by IOS Press, FAIA Series. Submit via email simultaneously to,
August 31 Final camera-ready paper/abstract submission and registration due Previously submitted, reviewed and accepted extended abstracts or papers (1-7 pages) must be prepared using IOS Press templates found at
November 12 BICA 2010 pre-conference workshop in Comfort Inn, Arlington, Virginia May or may not happen depending on the number of interested participants. All registered participants of BICA 2010 and of the AAAI Fall Symposia are welcome to attend the pre-conference workshop.
November 12-14 BICA 2010 International Conference in Holiday Inn, Arlington, Virginia Working sessions on November 13-14, the program is coming soon. Opening Reception on November 12th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, in the Arlington/Clarendon Room. All registered participants of BICA 2010 and of the AAAI Fall Symposia are invited to the reception.


Representative numbers:

65 Participants registered for BICA 2010 as of September 1st, including invited speakers and students
22 Participants committed to the banquet November 13, starting at 8 pm, Pinzimini at Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel (only participants who will purchase tickets in advance will be admitted)
49 Scheduled oral presentations at BICA 2010 on November 13-14 only, not counting the pre-conference workshop (also not counting the AAAI Fall Symposia co-located with BICA 2010)
39+10 Abstracts and papers (respectively) published in the BICA issue of IJMC Already available. Guest-edited by Alexei Samsonovich (IJMC stands for International Journal of Machine Consciousness, Editor-in-Chief Antonio Chella).
30 Papers and extended abstracts published in the Proceedings of BICA 2010 (Edited by Alexei Samsonovich, Kamilla Johannsdottir, Antonio Chella, and Benjamin Goertzel. Published by IOS Press as part of FAIA Series).

BICA 2010 Proceedings

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